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Closed After 102 Years


For our Past and Future Generations

The Hammonds


The Hammond family was so much part of the Ku-ring-gai scene towards the end of the 1800s and the first part of the 1900s that Ku-ring-gai people tended to regard the Hammonds as their own. Until 1932 the greater part of their business was operating a slaughter yard, first at Chatswood and then at Pymble. They developed a considerable business, too, in hides, skins and tallow and had retail shops and a delivery service. In the early days Joseph would carry carcases on a cutting cart and cut down the meat as required by the customers he visited. Even after the closure of the Pymble abattoir, there were Hammonds with retail butchers’ shops both in Chatswood until 1961. Roseville until 1968.  Gordon until 1970.

Notwithstanding their strong connections with Ku-ring-gai, the Hammonds were linked even more closely with Ku-ring-gai’s neighbouring Chatswood. That this has not been more widely recognised in Ku-ring-gai appears to have arisen In fact, they did not move to Pymble at the time of the tragedy but to a residence they built adjacent to their shop at Chatswood. Any move to Pymble did not take place for a number of years. There remains some doubt about the date of the family’s move to Pymble and the length of their stay there before moving house back to Chatswood at the end of the decade.

Though there is no certainty about it, the slaughter yard does not seem to have been moved anywhere for at least 10 years after the 1873 drowning. As is the way with these things, Let us look therefore at the early days of Joseph and Emily Hammond;

Joseph Hammond was born on 11 October 1840 Bury St, Edmonds near Rushbrooke, Suffolk England, baptised Church of England ,  at 23 years of age, with a assisted passage immigrated on the ship Shakamaxon on 3 September 1863, records have him as labourer, brother George wife Emily (Offord) and family immigrated 1858 on the ship Grand Trianon, already living in the Sydney district].

Joseph and in later life was known as ‘Ironbark’ Hammond  took up Butchering soon after his  arrival in Australia and opened, or soon after 1864 at his residence Milson’s Point Road, North Sydney this is now a section of Alfred Street near "Luna Park”. The first reference in directory was in 1869 with “Joseph, Butcher, Milson’s Point Rd North Shore”.

On 16 November 1867, Joseph Hammond married,

Emily Northrope (sometimes Northropp)  at the Mariners Church Fort Street, Sydney . Emily had been born in Cambridge England c1845, and come to Australia with her parents, Thomas 41y and Marianne 45y with their eight children Thomas18y, Richard17y, Louise15y, Emily13y Henery12y Smith 9y, Ellen 7y, Alice 5y, immigrated on the ship “David McIver” 1858 lived in the Cobbity district NSW. Her mother, Marianne Northrope nee Levett, died on 17 May 1864 and is buried at Cobbity Church of England. Her father Thomas, was born Cambridge England . He died on 26 December)1906 and is buried in the Church of England section of the Yass cemetery.”

Joseph and Emily were to have eight sons and four daughters, a number of whom remained associated with the business. his sons were John Thomas (1868-1949), Joseph Smith (1870-1922), Henry George 1871-1873), Abner J (1877), George (1882), William (1884), Harold (1886) and Leonard 1888). The daughters were Ellen Elizabeth (1873), Emily Mary (1875), Louisa (1879-1965) and Maria (1881-1968).

Emily Hammond died on 19 July 1919. is buried in the Pioneers Cemetery at the Uniting Church, Mowbray Road/ Pacific Highway, Lane Cove. Joseph died 16 September 1927 and is buried at Macquarie Park Cemetery. There is a reference to him on his wife Emily’s headstone at the Pioneers Cemetery.” He shared his time in the latter part of his life between Chatswood and Thirlmere.


Their first butcher shop at Chatswood

Joseph’s first shop was at Milson’s Point in c1864 and EM Pillinger (researcher/author Search Ku-ring-gai) believed that at much the same time he rented land at what is now (Beauchamp Park), Chatswood, for a farm. the next several years were to see several important changes in his life.

Additionally, when Joseph and Emily married in 1867, he conducted a Butcher’s shop on the corner of the Pacific Highway and Moriarty Road at Chatswood. There is an entry in the 1871 Sands’ Directory showing him at Lane Cove Rd, St Leonards. St Leonards had extensive coverage at the time so this can be taken as his Chatswood shop. A plaster plaque on the exterior of the now demolished shop carried the words ‘Established 1868” but this may refer to the official start of Joseph’s business in the area.

The probable date of the shop’s opening was 1870. A 1926 newspaper says it was opened simultaneously with the near by Great Northern Hotel. Willoughby Council Library’s Hotels and Taverns file shows the Hotel as being opened in 1870. This shop and surrounding residences in Moriarty and Bryson Streets were to be the hub of the Hammond ‘empire’ for years to come.

This shop continued to operate under Joseph’s control until his 1910 retirement and after that by his sons and their descendants.

By 1872, and perhaps as early as 1864, Joseph was renting land in Chatswood to the northeast of the Chatswood centre. This land was to become Beauchamp Park.  Part of this land was described in Willoughby’s 1874 Rate Book as used for boiling down and residence”. The description ‘slaughter-yard’ is not specifically mentioned but there is no doubt this was another usage. Joseph’s landlord at Beauchamp Park was William Spark(s) who is shown in the 1869 Sands’ as Joseph Hammond’s Milson’s Point neighbour and a Hay and Corn merchant”.

Willoughby’s 1882 Rate Book showed Joseph as actually owning the land - 12 acres of which is described as being in Nicholson Street and three acres in Ashley Street. However, by 1883 the land was no longer listed as belonging to him but whether he had completely vacated the site immediately is not absolutely certain. Indeed EM Pillinger writes “Joseph, Emily and the family farmed the land until about 1896”. The Pillinger date of 1896 is questionable because the park site was owned by Richard Seldon, the Mayor of Willoughby, from 1883 to 1886 and then by the Land Company of Australia until 1898. In 1898 the Land Company sold it to the government for a reserve and Beauchamp Park was proclaimed in 25 October 1899.

The location of Hammond’s slaughtering business from say, 1883, until its establishment at Pymble in or before 1900 is far from clear. Though he may have purchased carcases from elsewhere, it is more likely he would have had his own Abattoir and also land, leased perhaps on which to graze and fatten stock. So far no one has been able to suggest any location with any degree of certainty and it is a mystery to the Hammond family itself to this day.

One possibility is that Joseph could well have had an arrangement to continue using the same land for some years after he sold it.

Several other items of ‘information’ may touch on alternative locations though they add little beyond grounds for conjecture.

One such item is contained in the following note Les Thorne (author of North Shore, Sydney, From 1788 to today, 1868 edition), made of a discussion he had c1965 with Joseph’s daughters Louisa and Maria:

In 1868 he established the Butcher’s Shop at Chatswood on Lane Cove Road. Later he started an Abattoirs-slaughter yard at  foot of Roseville Hill, west of Lane Cove Road opposite Boundary Street Roseville, on land he leased. This statement does not indicate whether the claimed Roseville yard was before, during or after the one at Beauchamp Park. The existence of a slaughter yard more or less on the corner of the Highway and Boundary Street may seem fanciful but in 1874 Willoughby Council had a tollgate there. Joseph Hammond had to bring cattle and sheep from Flemington, across the Lane Cove River near De Burgh’s Bridge and down the highway to Chatswood. It is believed he resented the toll so much that he may have established a yard near Boundary Street to avoid the imposed Toll, The toll was gone by 1875. A yard at the bottom of Roseville Hill is not therefore a strong contender as a place for a slaughter yard between 1883 and the one to be at Pymble. Another theory has been based on his purchase of 20 acres of Crown land  (Certificate of Title 4 July 1900) that he used as a slaughter yard for some time. This land was on the eastern side of Killara and the southern side of Lytton Road. Lytton Road became part of Springdale Road in 1929. He sold the Killara land in 1913. Joseph Hammond may have used the land as an investment and for fattening but there is nothing to suggest he used it as a slaughter yard particularly as he had earlier bought land at Pymble.

As none of the above options offer realistic possibilities as a site for a slaughter yard from 1883 until he bought land at Pymble in 1889, another possibility needs consideration. Did he in fact, move the yard to the Pymble site soon after 1883 using land he may have leased there? There are several grounds for believing that he was actually at Pymble by 1890. These grounds are in the Post Office directories from 1892 to 1899 record Joseph Hammond, butcher, at Gordon and Pymble. The suburbs of Gordon and Pymble can be taken as the same for these purposes. These directories are postal addresses and do not necessarily prove Joseph actually lived there. They may well refer only to a business address but the clear implication from the Post Office directories is at least the abattoir was at Pymble in or before 1891. The 1893 to 1900 electoral rolls also has Joseph at Lane Cove Road, Gordon/ Pymble. in 1894 to 1895 electoral roll clearly shows Joseph at Pymble, his son John Thomas at Chatswood and another son, Joseph Smith also at Chatswood. This though supported by the 1891 Census that Joseph Hammond at Gordon Road, Gordon with 6 males and 3 females. In the same 1891 Census, there are other Hammond at the residence attached to Chatswood shop and also in Moriarty Road. These Hammonds have what appear to be the initials J or JT. It is almost certain that the Chatswood Hammonds are their children.

About 1890 Mr Hammond extended to Gordon before any railway — The property fronted Lane Cove Rd to Lane Cove Ck and West Street extended back from Lane Cove CK  He bought 13 acres at first and later increased 23 acres. as seems evident, Joseph was operating at Pymble from 1890 there would be little point in being at Pymble unless undertaking was a significant, Running his yard there seems a plausible reason.

Joseph transferred ownership of Abattoir site to his son, Joseph, in 1910 who sold one lot of land to the Board of  Commissioners in 1928 the Abattoir continued to operate until 1932 when Legislation closed the Abattoirs, The associated piggery remained operating for some time after 1932, to supply for the war effort.


Their Residences at Chatswood


Virtually from the outset of their 1867 marriage, Joseph and Emily lived at Beauchamp Park site. However it has been thought that Emily, though by all accounts a woman of stout heart, was understandably never reconciled to unpleasant odours of the abattoirs of the boiling down works.

The tragic drowning on 7 July 1873 of their 20-month old son, Henry George, in a nearby dam was probably the catalyst for change. Joseph and Emily built a new Butcher’s shop and attached residence on the site of the existing shop at Chatswood and moved to it from their home at Beauchamp Park. The slaughter yard and boiling down activities remained at Beauchamp Park.

The Chatswood residence attached to the shop was substantial and was destined to become the hub around which a number of homes were to house various members of the family for years to come.

All the records suggest that Joseph and Emily lived there themselves at least until the early 1890s. They did, however, return to Chatswood because the 1903 electoral roll had both Joseph and Emily back at Willoughby/Chatswood. Their son Abner’s wife Nellie was off Lane Cove Rd, Pymble with Abner at both Normanhurst and Chatswood — perhaps he was away from home on the day the roll was compiled. Most of Joseph and Emily’s other children were at Chatswood.

When examining the location of the Hammond Abattoirs it was noted that Joseph and his family were possibly, even probably, at Pymble by 1890.

Further evidence of Joseph, Emily and some of the children residing at Pymble from c1890 is taken from Thorne’s following note of the discussion he had with Hammond daughters Maria and Louisa, and son Abner’s wife:

Joseph Hammond owned the five W.B. (weatherboard) cottages along Lane Cove Rd at the front of the 20 acres and lived with his family back from the road on the Orchard. Besides the Orchard was the Abattoirs, piggery, and slaughter yard.

It seems reasonable to take the view that Joseph and Emily lived as a family at Pymble from c1890 until returning to Chatswood c1902. After they left Pymble, other members of the family lived there including, briefly, his son Abner and then another son, Harold. Harold remained as manager as “Manager of the Pymble slaughter yard. Harold built a house in 1923 on West St Pymble, died 1957, Clara lived there till 1970, until the closure of the Hammond family business.


Mention has already been made of the opening of Joseph Hammond’s butcher’s shop on the corner of the Pacific Highway and Moriarty Road, Chatswood, in c 1867. This was retained by Joseph until 1911 and then passed over to his descendants. It closed in 1961.


The Roseville shop, ‘Hammond Bros, butchers’, was built at No 118 Pacific Highway. The land had a 65 feet frontage with a depth of 310 feet and embraced Nos 120-122 Pacific Highway.’ Joseph’s eldest son, John Thomas Hammond (1869-1949), acquired the block in 1911 from the local stationmaster, William Maxwell, who himself had bought it earlier in the year from Oliver Sleeman’s ‘Shirley Estate’. The Historian also records that in February 1912 JT Hammond Brothers had applied for a butcher’s shop licence. This had been granted. “Hammond Bros, butchers”, first appeared in Sands’ in 1913 which implies it opened in 1912. It appears John Thomas may have had the shop until his 1949 death.

Whether any of his brothers, particularly his brother William, were in partnership with John in this venture is likely but not clear. Ownership passed on 14 May 1952 to John’s sons Jack Kenneth (1901-1980) and Joseph Leo (1905-1986), known as Leo These two brothers had worked at the Chatswood shop for many years. Other members of the Hammond family worked there over the years including also John’s nephew Albert ‘Albie’ Hammond (1911-1992) who lived in Dumaresq Street, Gordon.

John’s brother William Hammond (b 1884) lived in the residence above the shop with his wife and family. The shop closed in 1968 and was sold to Alarm Facilities and burnt down two months later.


A shop with a residence was opened at No 768 Pacific Highway, Gordon, in 1936 and continued until 1970. The shop was on the western side of the Pacific Highway a little north of St Johns Avenue. Although not part of the original Hammond business  empire it was operated independently by three of Joseph’s grandchildren. They were sons of Joseph’s son George (bl882).21 These three were Arnold George (1908-1972), Raymond Howlett (1913-1989) and Stanley (1915-1973). Arnold was an active citizen being a president of St Ives Show, a Rotarian, excellent rifleman and gardener. His then home, Taraville, on the southern side of Clanville Road, Roseville, between Hill Street and Trafalgar Avenue, still boasts camellias he had from his close friend Professor Gowrie Waterhouse.

The closure of the Gordon shop in 1970 marked the end of the name ‘Hammond’ as Butchers in Ku-ring-gai.


Joseph appears to have lived and operated a shop at Milson’s Point from c1864 until cl 1869;

operated a slaughter yard at Beauchamp Park from c1870 or earlier and until 1882 or later;

operated a shop at Chatswood from c 1870 until c1900 and was followed by his descendants until its closure.

Emily Hammond   1845-1919 Joseph Hammond   1840-1927  The recognisance of Hammond’s at Beauchamp Park


I  thank Mr Geoff Hammond of Pymble  a grandson of Joseph and Emily, who  provide information about the family history and personal information records from  Joseph and Emily’s family Bible. and private papers.

The volunteer workers of the Ku-ring-gai Historical Society,  The Historian Vol 37 No1.

Records from the Family Bible.


This is not a Pedigree Record
My aim is recording the family Hammond History.

For our the Past and Future Generations.

Children of Joseph and Emily as recorded in family bible.


John Thomas born 9.7.1868. Joseph S. born 25.5,70 [interredMethodist Sect N.S. Cemetery]Henry G.. born 9.4.71, died [drowned] 7.7.73, interred Chatswood South Uniting Church. Ellen E. born 9.8.73 Emily M. born 4.6.75. Abner. born 19.5.77. Louisa, born 19.2.79, died 8.11.1965 [ashes in father’s grave] Mariah “Bet” born’ 5.7.81, died 28.8.68 [ashes in father’s grave.] George. born 15.2.82, died 26.5.47. [ashes in N.S Crematorium Niche] William. born 1.11.84 Harold “Nip” born 10.6.86. _Leonard born 18.3.88.

John Thomas married Lucy McCooey 31.1.1900. [earlier engaged to Ilma Lancely] Children, Jack Kenneth 11.7.0I who married Agnes Saul, child Kenneth. Joseph Leo, known as Leo 29.5.05 who married Agnes’s sister Vera. No children.

Joseph S. married Violet Ann Lutherburrow 17.6.1890. Children, Emily L. 21.4.1891.William J. 7.2‘1893. [M. M. 1st world war] Nellie 1. 15.4:1895. Ruby 15.7.1897. Arthur -Daughter; Worthing 6.7.1901. Joseph Smith 14.6.1906. Henry George [Harry] 8.10.11 died Thailand 1st Field Bakery, late 2/18th Infantry Battalion. Dulcie Newton 8.3.10.

Violet had grocery store, Mowbray Road West, Chatswood during depression years.

Ellen E. married George Howarth M.L.A. 26.1.91 ,who died 26.6.08. and is interred Methodist section, Gore Hill Cemetery. Children, Henry George  24.12 1891., Shirley Howarth.  Henery George married Elizabeth Blair 1924.  Ellen E, married William (Dick) Wainright, 11.10.1911.

Florence Pearl “Flo” 10.3.93 who married Cecil Wainright 1911, had children Jack Kelain and Marie.8.6.1927. Jack married Anne Meryl Moon, 1944.  Thelma Pearl, 1929  “” May, 1-4- .     Dorothy, 8.3.10, married name Harry Mew,10.12.1929.

Emily M “Aunt Tiny” married Thomas H. Northrope[cousin] 22.9.96. Children, J H.Northrop 5.7.97, Beverly Jennings 1.8.02, Dudley Hammond 1904, James A 29.11.06. Beatrice Evelyn 9.3.10 who married Alex Danielson and had children Mariyn and Michael.

Abner married Nellie Isabella Oldrey 3.7.02.Children Annie Elizabeth ‘Bubs” 1.2.04, married name Murray children Arthur “Boy”and Ann”Topsy”. Isabella Emily “Isobelle”[Izzie] 21.3.08-26.7.00, unmarried, Abner Joseph 1.8.14 married Gladys [2 daughters] Frederick William 6.8.16-3.8.01 married Elva., two daughters who married two brothers.

Louisa and Mariah, did not marry and resided together at Chatswood. Louisa was book-keeper for family business. Maria, known as “Bet” and ‘Nurse Hammond, ‘did her nurses’ training at Sydney Hospital, Darlinghurst and for decades acted as a midwife in the Chatswood-Willoughby district and has been credited as having delivered all next generation of Hammonds born on the North Shore.

George married Clara Howlett of Gore Hill at Chatswood Congregational Church on 30.9.07. Children Arnold George 11.08-30’6.72, married Mary Sheela White 14.10.11-2?12.84 on 5.45, no children. Evelyn 1l.10.- 8.79, married Leonard Arthur Bate 25.1.36, child Diane Clare who married Edward Richardson in W.A. children Tracey and Craig. Raymond Howlett 2.7.13 married Jean McPhee, child Dianne Margaret married Roy Desmond Guy, Stanley “Dick’ 13.4.15-22.1.73 married Shiela, children Christine, Sandra and Lynne. Geoffrey Edward 17.1.25 married Audrey Norma “Norma” Woodhead 17.1.25 at Burwood Congregational Church 4.9.48. Children, Jennifer 2.7.49 married Graeme Pattison at West Pymble 13.9.80. Gregory George I5.8.52.          See complete record of George and Clara filed under ‘HAMMONDG’

William, married Adella Jane Kelly 14.2.10. Children, William 20.6.12,married Alice. Adella Emily 21.6.14 married Alex Nicholls. Josephine Lawrence 4.2.16. Joseph Thomas Lloyd “Mick” 19.8.17. George Leonard 8.4.21.

Leonard married Grace Fuller 23.6.12, children Leonard 30.12.12, married Nita Wilson, one son Gary and daughter. Kenneth A. 16.12.14 married “Betty” son Leslie and one other.

Harold, married Clara Emily Albrecht 11.3.1908, children Florence Annie Albrecht 14.2.1908 married Sidney Day who died 12.3.1989. Harold Edwin 21.3.1909. ‘Thomas Gordon 16.8.1910, Albert Charles 23 .11.1911 married Jean Simpson.  Norman Raymond 13.8.1913 died 1985.. Dorothy Emily “Bobby’. 18.7.1915.died 13.2.1999.     Roy William 8.10.16. Died 12-2-1990...David Joseph 18.6.1919 married (Lola Baldry).  Leslie Wilfred 2.4.22-15.3.97, Constance 23.7.26. Keith Wallace 20.12.1929..died 1985.

At a quick count there were 45 grand children. We lost Fred on 3.8.01, so now we can be counted on one hand. I followed my father George in tending to the old graves and my son will continue in my stead. I welcome any opportunity to talk of olden days and perhaps I should record the happenings and tales of yesteryear, lest they be lost.

Geoff Hammond.


Joseph  and Emily Hammond

Children  12.

John Thomas, 9-7-1868. Joseph S, 25-5-1870. Henry G,9-4-1871. Ellen E,9-8-1873. Emily M,1875. Abner, 19-5-1877. Louise,19-2-1879. Mariah, 5-7-1881. George, 15-2-1882. William,

1-11-1884. Harold , 10-6-1886. Leonard, 18-3-1888.





HAROLD HAMMOND . ( Nipper) DoB 10/06/1886......Died 1957. 

Ashes inter Northern Suburbs Gardens and Crematorium, Niche 356 JF.                     

MARRIED 11-3-1908. Reg.Sydney.

CLARA EMILY ALBRECHT . DoB 29/06/1887......Died 1971.

Ashes inter Northern Suburbs Gardens and Crematorium, Niche 357 JF.


Florence Annie Albrecht..b14.2.1908..died1998...Harold Edwin..b21.3.1909.. Thomas Gordon..b16.8.1910..died1997...Albert Charles..b23.11.1911.. died1992...Norman Raymond..b31.8.13..died1985...Dorothy Emily b18.7.1915.. died 13-2-1999...Roy William..b 8.10.1916. died12-2-1990 ...David Joseph b18.6.1919.. died10.11.1996...Leslie Wilfred..b 2.4.1922..died1997...

Constance b23.7.1926..               Keith Wallace..b 20.12.1929..died1985...



Marriages / Spouses, and their children.

Reg. Chatswood, M.1932   Harold Edwin = Beryl May Massey,Died 1999.         3 children. Peter, Harold R,(Hasso). Anthony,(Tony).

Reg. Hornsby, M.1934   Florence Annie = Sidney Day, Died 1989. 1 child Brian David.

Reg. Chatswood, M.1934   Albert Charles = Edith Jean Simpson. Died 1993.

5  children.  Ronald, Jeanette, David, John, Mark.     

Reg. Chatswood, M.1934   Norman Raymond = Marie A Massingham, Died 1968.   3   children. Noreen, Patricia, Paul.

Reg. Five Dock, M.1938   Roy William = Ivy Edith Minnie Colliss, Died 1982. 6  children. Beryl, Gloria,  Colin,  Donald, Royal, Wayne.

Reg. Gloucester, M.1939   Dorothy Emily = Leonard Maurice Saxby, Died1978.

2  children. Evelyn Joyce, Patricia Diane.

Reg. Chatswood, M.1945   Leslie Wilfred = Kathleen Patricia Massingham,  Died 1963.    4  children. Pauline, Christine, Judith. Gary.

Reg. Cootamundra, M.1945 Constance = Rupert John Fisher Jamieson, Died1991.       2  children. Leslie, Diane.

Reg. Chatswood, M.1947 David Joseph = Lola Margaret Baldry, Died 2003.

 2   children.    Louise, Ross.

Reg. Chatswood, M.1941 Thomas Gordon = Mildred J Midson,(nee Massey) Divorced. No children.

Reg. Penrith, M.1952 Thomas Gordon = Rosana M  Waterhouse, (nee Gassman), Died 2001. her 2 children James,& Joseph Waterhouse.    

( 2nd marriage each)                                                                  

Reg. Chatswood, M.1956  Keith Wallace = Christina Claire McWilliams,

 2 children, Paul, Mark.


Father  Thomas Hammond  dob1770 -1850 Suffolk Eng. 

Married xxxx

Mother  Sarah Ling  dob1775 - 1850  Suffolk Eng.

Children. John  dob  1801-1852 Suffolk Eng.


Father  C Underwood  dob 1774 - 1843  Suffolk Eng.


Mother  Abigail Halls  dob 1771 - 1836 Finchingfield Essex Eng.

Children. Mary  dob 1805-1880 Barrow Suffolk Eng.


John Hammond,  Married,  Mary Underwood. 1825 Gazele Suffolk Eng.


George, dob 1826. Born TheInetham

Elizabeth dob 1834. Born Rushbrook Suffolk Eng.

 Charles dob 1836.                     

 Mary Ann dob1838.                  

Joseph dob 1840.                

Thomas dob 1842.                     

 James dob 1844.                       

William dob 1846.                     

Lived Rushbrook Suffolk Eng,


Joseph's brother.

George Hammond, age 32 years Labourer, arrived in Sydney Aust 20-8-1858 on ship Grand Trianon, with family Wife, Emily age 31, Abner 5 years, Marianne 4 years, Abigail .   Records from  NSW. Gov .AU.  Page 4. Reel 2138.

Children born in Australia , 1860 Charles, 1862 Joseph, 1864 Kate, 1866 John, 1868 Maria.


Joseph Hammond. Born Rushbrook Suffolk, Eng. Dob 1840


Married 13-11-1867  Sydney, Aust.,


Emily Northrop, Born Cambridge, Eng.  Dob 1845 –


Emily's. Father Thomas Northrop

Married.                                   Children Emily dob 1845-1919

Mother  Mary Ann Levett.


Thomas. Father James Northrop 1798 -1883 Eng.

Married.                                      Children  Thomas dob 1818 – 1906.                                     

Mother  Sarah Goodchild .1800 - 1830 Eng.


Mary's. Father  John Levett dob xxxx Suffolk Eng.

Married.                                     Children  Mary Ann dob.xxxx





Father Albert Albrecht Born abt 1857/1860 Brandinburg/Hamburg Prussia Germany.

Died 10-07-1936  at Hammond family home Pymble NSW. 

Married  9 August, 1884

Mother Rosanna Catherine  Donnelly

Died  at her son's home Mt Murray NSW. 1946

Children (5),

Anne Elizabeth, d o b 08.04.1886, married1906, Frederick A Bailey. (at St Marys)

Clara Emily. d o b 29.06.1887, died1971, married 1908, Harold Joseph Hammond   (at Sydney).

Mary Lavina, d o b 28.02.1890, married 1910, Joseph C Gassman.  (at St Marys)

John E. d o b 1892, died 1944, married 1914, Minnie M Lance (at Penrith)

2nd marriage 1936, Gertrude Sarah Shipman. (at Moss Vale)

Albert Thomas, d o b 30.04.1894, died 1978. married 1927 Hilda E N Meehan.  2ndmarriage1932.  Nellie Just, (at Roselle).

Albert Albrecht was a Mariner, he worked on the Merchant Ships   A B seaman.



Grandfather. John Edwin Donnelly d o b 1829/1830 (Belfast Ireland) died 23-4-1928 at  Mount Murray NSW, District of Bowral. his trade Plasterer.

Married. 15.1.1861. Dapto.

Entry to Australia unknown. Was in the Australian Colonies in 1851. no convict records, but this was the start of the Gold Rush days,  

There are many records of John Donnelly's in the Colonies, from the early 1800's.

I do believe our John Edwin Donnelly, and Elizabeth Hayes, had relations living in Australia before they arrived.

John's Father, John Edwin Donnelly trade Plasterer. (Ireland)

          Mother, Rosanna Cameron.

.Grandmother Elizabeth Hayes. d o b. 1831 (Clare Ireland) died 26-3-1900, Prince Alfred Hospital Camperdown NSW, Sydney.

Children (4).  Thomas  b 1864 died 1864.  Rosanna Catherine  b 2.04.1866,   Mary A, b 1871. John Edwin, b 1875.   Registered Berrima NSW

Elizabeth Hayes, came from Clarecastle, County Clare Ireland.  Aged 24y, arrived on the ship Caroline 2 , 13 Oct 1854, NSW immigration records.

Elizabeth’s, Father Michael Hayes (Ireland)

Mother U.N.


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